The Boomer Art Prize

The Boomer Art Prize

First Edition

First Edition

Announcement of Winners

Announcement of Winners

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It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we announce the distinguished 20 winners of the inaugural Boomer Art Prize. Your artistic contributions have demonstrated exemplary talent and innovation, enriching the global art community.

We extend our profound gratitude to all participants. The calibre of submissions was truly remarkable, reflecting the depth and breadth of artistic talent worldwide.

In conclusion, while the celebration of these 20 artists is paramount today, it is essential to acknowledge that every piece of art submitted to us carries intrinsic value. We sincerely appreciate and commend each artist’s dedication and contribution to the art world.

With respect and admiration,

Anthony Fawcett 

Tabish Khan 

Constantin Cosmin 


Luiza Gottschalk

First Place: £5,000 in cash awards + solo show

Xixi Qian

Second Place: £3,000 in cash awards + inclusion in a group show

Muhammad Amdad Hossain

Third Place: £2,000 in cash awards + inclusion in a group show

Artists ranked 4th to 20th, included in a group show:

4. Sasha Bowles

5. Abdollah Nafisi

6. Kunyi Lin

7. Ozlem Thompson

8. Ahuva Zeloof

9. Robert Ridley

10. Branden May

11. Kevin Devonport

12. Bruno Sciaraffia

13. Sampy Sicada

14. Maria Gurikhina

15. Rodolfo Canete

16. Anna Bernadskaya

17. Juliette Losq

18. Golnaz Khadivi Zand

19. Rob Cowan

20. Tanya Preminger

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